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When I first starting selling FRY online, I had about 10% of my customers complain.  A couple said about 10%-15% died while acclimating, a couple others said 1-2 were dying a day for a few weeks, and many had problems keeping them alive for some reason or other.  Fry are super hard to raise.  So I stopped selling fry.  It is frustrating and not fair to hear your customer ask for help and not know what to do.  But since Spring 2014 many competitors have now switched to selling fry.  And many customers this past summer have asked, ‘why would I buy fingerlings from you when is offering fry for 70% less?’   I am only listing fry to stay competitive.  Most expert fish breeders will agree, shipping fry is risky.  They get super stressed, and need to be fed about every hour!  Meanwhile they will be in a box on a plane for days their first week or two of life after being hatched.  The stress is great, and one of the major reasons fish die, is stress.

+++++SPECIAL NOTE ++++++

I will only sell 1/2″+- FRY!!!! TOO MANY PROBLEMS WITH SMALLER!!

I guarantee they will arrive live at your house, after being shipped, in a bag inside a box, fractions smaller than a ten gallon aquarium.  Shipping fry is actually easier for me!  I can fit hundreds more in a bag half the size of my 1″ fingerlings.  I have successfully been able to help with 99% of problems with fingerlings purchased from my site, but fry have been harder to help with.  If there is a problem, (nitrates/ammonia/etc.) I usually recommend a 50% to 80% water change slowly.  Doing this with fry can actually kill them faster.