nile Tilapia

Nile Tilapia

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(Oreochromis niloticus)
–    For professional use only, highly aggressive.
–    Arguably the most farmed fish (tilapia) in the world.
–    Can grow 10 lbs in less than 2 years.
–    Arguably the best body form for more harvestable meat and fillets.
–    Grow/breed fastest at temps of 85-100.
–    Begin to breed when reach a length of  6”+

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    I love your website rlaely! This grilled tilapia is a family favorite, match with steamed white rice, at dipping sauce of soy sauce and fresh squeezed kalamansi..ohh la labtw, what caused the fish kill?

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      for the nile. they are not dead, In 2012 was the last time I checked Niles for eggs. I have no room with my blue and Moz. orders. I used to only get less than 10 orders a year in Nile. I still have some big ones, just no room to segregate the moms right now.

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