Live Tilapia for Sale

Live Tilapia for sale!  Depending on your and my temp, your location, and quantity I may ship Priority Express.  Most packages will be Priority 2-3 day. 

For areas with temps lower than 30F daytime or higher than 90F daytime I will need a phone number and I will ship to post office and they will call you for pick up.  For areas with temps lower than 20F daytime or higher than 95F daytime I may need to wait till temps rise above 20F daytime or below 95F daytime. 

I am not responsible for USPS not delivering on time!! I will reship, and I guarantee you will get what you ordered and paid for.  But please do not blame me if it is late or lost.  You may have to wait another week for me to reship, and I’m sorry, but I will fulfill my end of the deal.  Send ONE pic of any dead within first two hours of arrival, for any reimbursements.

When you receive the fish, acclimate them according to my “Care Page”.  I ship using pure oxygen, heat/cool pads as climate indicates.  I segregate all fish Friday evening, and do not feed in an aquarium where the water is injected with air triple the required amount.  The water will have plenty of oxygen for fish to survive for days.  99%+ of my shipments arrive with 99%+ of all fish alive.  In case there is a problem, please send me a digital pic within two hours of first delivery attempt.  I will not be able to entertain any situations where the fish arrived in the morning and pics are sent in the evening (seems a little fishy!).


(Oreochromis Mossambicus)

-    One of the best all around fish for beginners to pros.
–    Hardiest of all tilapia.  Also can live comfortably at temps from 70F-100F+
–    Fast, early, and regular breeder.  (Starts to breed around 3“-4” and can breed monthly)
–    Arguably the most farmed pure line (tilapia) in the world
–    The least aggressive of all pure line tilapia, can be raised in aquariums with cichlids, loaches, arowanas etc.  Only tilapia farmed with catfish, bass, salmon, bluegill, etc., because not as aggressive.
–    Can grow 2.5 lbs in 8months or less, especially males.*

(Oreochromis aureus)

-    Arguably most popular fish for aquaponics enthusiasts, and demand in farming rising daily as well.
–    Do not breed as often, so water quality stays cleaner, and population is easier to control.  (Starts to breed around  5“-6” and breed every 6 weeks+-.  Prefer temps of 80F+ to breed).
–    Can grow 6-8lbs in 18 months or less.*
–    One of fastest growers in lower temps.**

(Oreochromis niloticus)
–    For professional use only, highly aggressive.
–    Arguably the most farmed pure line (tilapia) in the world.
–    Can grow 10 lbs in less than 2 years.
–    Arguably the best body form for more harvestable meat and fillets.
–    Grow/breed fastest at temps of 85-100.
–    Begin to breed when reach a length of  6”+


O. Hornorum male x Mozambique female

(99% all male Hybrids)
–    For professional use only.  These are all males intended as farmed food.
–    The most farmed Hybrid in the world
–    Can grow 2 + lbs in 5-6 months.
–    The best body form for more harvestable meat and fillets.


*  Growth rate may vary with water quality, tank stocking density, feeding intervals.  From my experience, out of one batch of fry, about 80% of all three types of tilapia seem to reach 2.5 lbs in 8 months.  Growth for Mozambique seems to slow after the 2.5 lbs stage, growth for Blues seem to slow after the 6-8 lbs stage, and growth for Niles seem to slow after 10 lbs.

**  There are websites that make claims that Tilapia (especially Blues) can LIVE in temps of 60F, I have even seen 40F.  When keeping tilapia in temps of 60F-70F degrees for long periods, they will eventually get sick and die.  They will not eat as often, or at all, which will eventually kill them if they do not get sick.  Never keep Tilapia in temps under 70F (preferably 72F) for extended periods of time.  Most website will make claims that Tilapia can withstand temps of 40F.  I would imagine WITHSTAND means overnight for a full grown Tilapia.

 Prices INCLUDE shipping!!!!!!!! 

Fingerlings are 1″+-, Breeders are 3″-4″.