Aquaponics Kits for sale

Most of what you will need you will be able to find locally online or at a hardware store.  I use 275 totes, and cut 6″ off the top and the top becomes a grow bed.  I can cut a 55 gallon drum in half (the long way) and attach it to the 275 tote system.  For smaller systems I use black cement mixers (Plastic tubs) found at the local hardware store.  But some things are just not available locally, except at a specialized hydroponics store or online (try online first it may be cheaper!!!).  Most Hydroponics stores do not have more than a couple bulkheads, and additives, and must order the supplies anyway.  But by going to the hardware store, a 30 minute project can turn into a 1 day project.  I always write a list, check it twice, go to the store, and when I come back, well I forgot a fitting!  Or I have to wait 3-4 days, because I need to order a uniseal.  Or back to the drawing board because what I envisioned in my head is not working in the real world.  Well, here I hope to make that job of ordering, and those trips to the hardware store obsolete.  I will get all the supplies and send them to you.